UM was originally founded in Colombia in 1951. With similar ideologies to revolutionize the industry and change the dynamics of transportation, US-based UM International, LLC & Lohia Auto joined hands in September 2014 to form UM Lohia Two-Wheelers Pvt. Ltd. (UML) This joint venture between the two companies has a common objective to combine synergies to produce vehicles from which the auto industry and customers will reap huge benefits.  UML Now has a plant at Kashipur, Uttarakhand capable of producing 5000 units a month, and is headquartered in New Delhi.

American Insight

For those who love to cruise, for those who have the passion to explore, we welcome you to discover the new American experience.

Patented Technology

Bikes where American technology and world-class craftsmanship are combined in right proportion waiting for a true rider as its spirit.

Updated Lifestyle

Design and Make embraces an updated Lifestyle, were the performance and technology are blended upright to deliver finest ride.

Refined Product

Prominent in class, value based design aesthetics, smooth power delivery, makes the rider more attached to the bike the more they ride.

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